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Mirvac is proposing a new masterplanned community nestled adjoining the bushland, where residents are connected to parkland and the future Metro Rail.  The proposal is currently under assessment.


The proposal

Mirvac is proposing to transform the existing footprint - currently consisting of office buildings, car parks and roads - into a family-friendly, residential community in a bushland setting.

The proposed master-planned estate, which has been worked on from mid-2015 with Council, is made up of extensive open spaces, community facilities, and 200 houses and 400 apartment style homes, extensive open space and community facilities.

The plan is contained to the existing established development area, keeping intact and protecting the remnant forest, and the important bushland character.

The proposed homes will be architecturally designed and contemporary in style, designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing neighborhood character while retaining the forest setting. The apartment dwellings are strategically located at the lowest portion of the site, taking advantage of the natural topography.

Within the site, 2.493ha of open space land is proposed to be dedicated to Council to own and manage for public uses.


Protecting the forest

There are important ecological elements to the site, including the Blue Gum High Forest and the Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest.

Mirvac has sought an E2 zoning for the remnant natural bushland on the site, which offers the highest form of zoning protection. Zoning, ownership and management will be determined as part of the planning process.

Currently the whole site is zoned as a business park with a height limit of 22 metres. Mirvac’s proposal seeks to amend the zoning to provide greater protection to forest areas and reduce heights across the site from 22 metres to 9 metres and 12 metres across the housing precinct, while retaining 22 metres for the apartment precinct only.

In addition, we recognise and understand the importance the remnant forest has in relation to the protection of animal species and detailed analysis and mapping has occurred by qualified and environmentally accredited consultants. This ensured all important areas were identified upfront, and fundamentally understood and acknowledged in the design proposal.

We have done extensive work with multiple government agencies and have confirmed there are no koalas present on the site.


Community consideration

Independent transport analysis, studies and modelling has shown the proposal will generate significantly fewer trips on the local road network than the existing commercial use, even during peak periods.

Currently there is no legal public access to the site but under Mirvac’s proposal the extensive parkland, open spaces and bushland areas will become publicly accessible to the community.

Predictions show the population of the region will increase by 19% in 2026 and 44% in 2036 – higher than the population growth of Greater Sydney.

We anticipate about 1,200 residents living in the proposed master-planned community and we are committed to ensuring 55 Coonara Ave fits in and contributes to the family-friendly West Pennant Hills community.


Transport options

The site is an 800 metre walk to the new Cherrybrook metro station, due to open in 2019 and will be about three kilometres from the new Northconnex interchange.

The area is also well serviced by other public transport.


Update on assessment process 

Council support

At a recent Council meeting in September 2018 the Hills Shire Council voted again to support the proposal to transform the existing footprint of 55 Coonara Avenue into a family-friendly, residential community with public open space and an all-weather sports field.


We welcome the State Government and Council’s support for the E2 Environmental Conservation zoning, sought by Mirvac, as this provides the strongest form of zoning protection for the remnant forest area.

Mirvac has made an offer to the State Government to enter into an agreement to dedicate approximately 10 hectares of remnant forest area as regional open space. We are continuing to liaise with the State Government in relation to this item.

As part of the most recent approval, there were a number of updated ecological studies and reports that were considered during the assessment process. 

Importantly, remnant forest areas are not proposed to be affected and greater protections will be put in place.


We have been in discussions with Council about what public benefits are most needed in the area and, on advice of Council, the proposal is to create a full sized synthetic turf sports field with car parking that will be provided at no cost to Council and the community.

The use of the all-weather field will be determined by Council and we expect it will significantly enhance the availability of sporting grounds in the area.

A draft Planning Agreement was also endorsed by Council in September 2018 for delivery of the sports field and dedication of 2.493 hectares of public open space and a public road. 

Under the proposal, the extensive parkland, open spaces and bushland areas will become publicly accessible to the community.

Next stages

The next stage of the process is for the proposal to be publicly exhibited by Council.  A further update will be provided when timing for this is confirmed.

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