The dedication of 10 hectares of remnant forest as Public Open Space

In June 2020, Mirvac was successful in securing E2 Environmental Conservation zoning for site’s remnant natural bushland, providing the highest form of zoning protection available. The rezoning paved the way for Mirvac to progress with its dedication of approximately 10 hectares of remnant forest to the State Government as Public Open Space, legalising access for the first time in approximately 100 years.


Proposed community consistent with the footprint of existing development

Our Concept DA outlines our proposal to bring to life a family-friendly residential community consistent with the footprint of the existing established development on the site which was heavily disturbed and excavated, currently consisting of office buildings, car parks and roads, keeping intact and protecting the remnant forest and maintaining the important bushland character.

Fauna Management Plan

Before demolition works commenced on site, a Fauna Management Plan was approved by Council. The Fauna Management Plan comprehensively outlines the protective measures that Mirvac will strictly adhere to during the works.


Reuse of existing materials

We will reuse existing site materials such as sandstone in the new urban landscape. We are also committed to transplanting trees where possible and sympathetically working with all of our expert ecological and environmental consultants to ensure the optimal re-use opportunities in the new development.


Diverting waste from landfill

We understand the significant burden that waste places on the environment, and we know our planet can’t sustain it. At 55 Coonara Avenue, we are committed to generating 30% less waste during the construction. Through our established partnership with the UNSW SMaRT Centre, select materials from the existing IBM office buildings will be recycled into new ‘green’ construction materials and products.

Vegetation Management Plan

A Vegetation Management Plan is being implemented including a focus on management of noxious weeds and regeneration.


Stormwater Management

The management of stormwater both on site and coming onto site is an important element for the forest areas and wildlife. Best practice stormwater management practices in accordance with Council and other legislative guidelines is of imperative importance to Mirvac. We continue to work with consulting engineers on this item, ensuring the an appropriate level of protection for the environment.

Bushfire Protection

Ongoing bushfire protection measures are implemented on site to ensure the safety of site users, fauna and the forest areas. Expert consulting practitioners will continue to advise us on best practice protection in accordance with rural Fire Service requirements.